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March 25, 2020

It’s a Perfect Time to Show Our Humanity

One of the five principles for making changes to your XM program in the current environment is to "Show Humanity." This blog post covers the three mindsets necessary for showing humanity and includes a video about elevating our collective humanity.

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March 19, 2020

Adjusting Your CX Program to Deal with COVID-19

How should companies adjust their CX efforts during times of organizational crisis and change? This blog post covers 5 principles for making changes to your CX program and addresses common questions around this topic.

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March 12, 2020

XM Fireside Chat: ROI of CX with Bruce Temkin and Moira Dorsey

Ensuring that your CX program delivers value is critical, which is why “Realize” is one of the six XM Competencies. In this fireside chat, Moira Dorsey joins Bruce Temkin to discuss the ROI of CX.

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February 21, 2020

The Two Ultimate Questions for XM Metrics

Organizations often overly focus on a metric’s exact number rather than on using it to drive meaningful action. This blog post introduces the two questions senior leaders should constantly ask to drive the right behaviors from metrics.

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January 21, 2020

New Research Digs into Industries and Consumer Feedback Patterns

We surveyed 10,000 U.S. consumers about 300 companies across 20 industries. This blog post looks at some industry-specific findings from these studies, including data snapshots of 7 industries and customer feedback preferences across industries.

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December 30, 2019

2020: The Year of Insightful Actions

The XM Institute named 2020 as “The Year of Insightful Action.” This blog post looks at the five trends we expect to see during the Year of Insightful Actions and how they will impact different elements of the XM Operating...

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December 23, 2019

New Research Shows Strong ROI of CX

We surveyed 10,000 US consumers about 300 companies across 20 industries. This blog post explores the correlation between CX and the likelihood of customers to demonstrate five key loyalty behaviors and customer spending changes after bad experiences.

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November 21, 2019

New Research: The Global State of XM

This blog post highlights key findings from our research into the current state of Experience Management around the world based on a study of 1,200 senior execs from six countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US.

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November 18, 2019

Stop Employees from Asking for Good Ratings

Gaming is a common problem. It happens when an organization puts too much emphasis on specific measurements — at the expense of the overall XM program. This blog post covers five rules to stop employees from gaming the system.

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August 5, 2019

Five Recommendations for De-Emphasizing Benchmarking

While benchmarking provides value, people often let it distract them from more important activities. This blog post has 5 recommendations for approaching benchmarking in a way that drives actionable insights instead of just competitive comparisons.

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