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XMPN Member Spotlight

Stacy McGranor

Customer Experience Program Director // Sharks Sports

Throughout Stacy's career, the two things that have always been critically important to her are unforgettable experiences and understanding people, particularly the “what” and the “why” that makes them tick.

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Alejandra Arriaga

EVP of Customer Experience // Amerant

Alejandra is passionate about continuously improving her organization's CX program. Based on advice from her fellow XM professionals, Alejandra implemented best practices into her organization’s call center survey refresh.

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Amit Gupta

Global Product Owner // Kimberly Clark Professional

Amit is passionate and optimistic about the idea that one day we will live in a truly inclusive world. As an XM professional, Amit has the opportunity to orchestrate and deliver inclusive experiences for his customers, employees, partners, and society in general.

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XMPN Online Forum

A private discussion forum for XM professionals to connect with each other while sharing and co-creating best practices.

Topic of the Month

A monthly topic introduced during a brief presentation and continued with a facilitated discussion in the XMPN online forum throughout the month.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Opportunities to start conversations with XM professionals from around the world through general discussions in the XMPN online forum and in-person events in multiple cities, worldwide.

Virtual Meet-Ups

Monthly online networking sessions for XM professionals to convene and discuss various topics, including exclusive content from the XM Institute.

Expert Q&A Sessions

Open Q&A sessions with Qualtrics experts in the XMPN online forum.

Local Chapters

Gatherings with other XM professionals in your region designed to help expand your local network and provide exclusive access to Qualtrics content.

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