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Denise Foxall

Program Manager, Voice of Customer // BC Hydro

Denise recently designed a series of CX sessions for an internal team who had received a number of complaints from customers over the last year. These sessions included an overview of VoC issues and metrics, a refresher on the utility’s customer experience principles, and a session where the team broke into smaller groups to workshop the top three complaints using the design thinking methodology.

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Eleacia Fredette

VP of Customer Experience // Cultural Care Au Pair

To provide a model for how to treat customers, Eleacia and her team use trust as the foundation of their relationships inside the company. She recently created a workshop focused on high trust behaviors and how teammates can position themselves as the most trusted agency, both internally for one another and externally for their customers.

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Beth Martin

Usability/UX Lead // the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Beth is inspired by innovation and enjoys connecting her work to bigger ideas with a broader impact, which is what initially drove her to seek public service. She’s particularly proud of the connections she’s made, facilitated, and sustained during COVID. For example, she's involved with a cross-government user experience community of practice, which just piloted a mentoring program.

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Topic of the Month: Driving Action from your VoC Program

Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are integral to the success of any CX program. In this Topic of the Month presentation, Moira Dorsey introduces a framework for thinking about VoC programs and 3 competencies that are key to success.

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