In a recent post I wrote for the Qualtrics blog (Adjusting your CX program to deal with COVID-19), I laid out these five principles for making changes to your Experience Management (XM) programs in this challenging environment:

  1. Show humanity
  2. Take a hiatus on metrics
  3. Ask less, listen more
  4. Build up your immediate response skill
  5. Accelerate your feedback cycles

While all of these are important for your XM programs, one is particularly critical right now for everyone around the world… Show Humanity.

With all of the discord and tension throughout the world, it seems like a good time for all of us to refocus on what’s most important, our collective humanity.

That’s an excerpt from a post from December 2017, when we labelled 2018, The Year of Humanity. It may even be more relevant right now. As we all fight the pandemic and deal with the economic slowdown in our own ways, it’s really important that we also look out for one another.

As we did a couple of years ago, I’m looking to reignite a focus on the following mindsets that we defined for humanity:

  • Embrace diversity. Applaud our differences and find ways to treat people as individuals.
  • Extend compassion. Tune into the condition of the people around us and care about their well-being
  • Express appreciation. Proactively look for and acknowledge the positive aspects of the world around us.

Check out this video we created in 2018, Humanity: You Have A Choice!

The bottom line: Let’s show our collective humanity!