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Qualtrics XM Institute’s mission is to create a thriving global community of Experience Management (XM) Professionals who are empowered and inspired to improve human experiences. How do we do it? By equipping leaders with the skills, knowledge, and connections they need to succeed. We help them drive value from their XM programs and find new ways to embed XM across their organization. Our faculty conducts ongoing research to uncover leading-edge best practices and trends, which we share through our thought leadership, community, training, and certification programs.

Thought leadership for XM professionals

Research and Posts

Tap into our thought-provoking content with compelling data, trends, and best practices to stay up-to-date on the latest insights and advice on how to mature your XM Program.


Use our comprehensive range of program tools and assessments to evaluate the current state of your XM program and identify the most impactful improvement areas.


Chart your own learning journey, starting with the fundamentals of core XM topics, and then expand your knowledge through a curated set of suggested resources.


Participate in our gold-standard XM curriculum, either online or in-person, to advance your XM expertise and empower your organization to design and accelerate your XM program.


Join the XM Professionals Network, a global peer-to-peer community of XM leaders, where you can share your learnings and best practices and advance your career.


Showcase your XM experience and knowledge by earning an XM Professional certification.

Meet the Qualtrics

XM Institute Staff

The XM Institute is led by Bruce Temkin, a globally recognized XM visionary. Our team includes XM Catalysts who have helped many of the world’s leading brands transform their experience management capabilities. We are collectively dedicated to helping XM professionals succeed.

Aimee Lucas

XMP, CCXP, Distinguished Principal XM Catalyst

Ashley Elder

XM Professionals Network Leader

Benjamin Granger

Ph.D., XMP, Principal XM Catalyst

Bruce Temkin

XMP, CCXP, Head of the XM Institute

Isabelle Zdatny

XMP, CCXP, XM Catalyst

Karen Temkin

Chief of Staff

Laura Wells

XM Professionals Network Manager

Luke Williams

Distinguished Principal XM Catalyst

Maggie Mead

Senior Research Associate

Moira Dorsey

XMP, Principal XM Catalyst

Talia Quaadgras

Research Associate

About Qualtrics

Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the Experience Management (XM) category, is changing the way organizations manage and improve the four core experiences of business – customer, employee, product, and brand. Over 13,000 organizations around the world are using Qualtrics to listen, understand, and take action on experience data (X-data™) – the beliefs, emotions, and intentions that tell you why things are happening, and what to do about it. The Qualtrics XM Platform™ is a system of action that helps businesses attract customers who stay longer and buy more, engage employees who build a positive culture, develop breakthrough products people love, and build a brand people are passionate about. To learn more, please visit


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