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April 1, 2024

NPS Starts to Stabilize in the Wake of the Pandemic

In this blog post, we examine the average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 22 industries and compare these results to previous years. This data is based on our U.S. Consumer Study, where 10,000 respondents rate 351 organizations.

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November 29, 2023

Continuously Manage XM Value with the Realize Competency

To secure organizational attention and resources, XM teams need to track, manage, and communicate the business value of their efforts. This blog explores how you can demonstrate the value of your XM activities by mastering the Realize Competency.

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October 2, 2023

10 Lessons Learned from 1,000 Value Assessments

XM professionals often struggle to calculate and communicate the value of XM initiatives. In this post, the head of Qualtrics Center of Value shares his top lessons from years of helping XM teams quantify and demonstrate the value of experiences.

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July 27, 2022

Improving the Difficult Downsizing Experience

One of the measures that organizations may deploy when faced with uncertainty is downsizing, a difficult and emotionally taxing process that can have devastating impacts if not done properly. Here are some tips to ensure the most positive long-term outcomes.

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March 11, 2022

Create More Actionable Insights With Employee Journey Analytics

Employee experience efforts typically gain insights from analyzing individual touchpoint feedback. To gain a richer understanding into what drives employee behaviors and attitudes, organizations should adopt employee journey analytics.

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December 20, 2021

Seven Limitations of eNPS as an Employee Experience Metric

​Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) is a popular customer experience metric that is starting to be used for employee experience. While we like using CX practices in EX, Qualtrics XM Institute has identified seven severe limitations for using eNPS.

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June 15, 2021

Is NPS a Good Global CX Metric?

Net Promoter Score is a very popular customer experience metric, but it can not be treated the same way around the world. A global study of 18 countries shows large variations in how consumers respond to the NPS question.

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May 6, 2021

How to Find and Fight Bias in Your X-Data

Bias in X-data collection can be a barrier to metrics communicating the information they’re meant to represent and cause poor decisions and behaviors. In this blog post, we present three practices for identifying and eliminating bias in X-data.

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December 10, 2020

Metrics: Recipes for Proving ROI and Elevating XM

The potential value of experience management (XM) is well-known, but insufficient funding remains a top obstacle to XM success. This article explores how to align the right metrics in the right combinations to win investments required for XM success.

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October 8, 2020

Existing Metrics Aren’t Enough for Customer-Centric Strategy

To really measure how customers view your brand, you must understand the environment that they are making decisions in. Use relative metrics to track the experiences your customers are having with you, relative to your competitors and substitutes.

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