As organizations continue to adopt Experience Management (XM), it’s important for an increasing number of leaders and employees to understand the key principles of XM. Three years ago, we introduced the Experience Management (XM) Fundamentals Certification, a training-based certification that covers the fundamental principles of XM and how to apply them to build and mature successful XM programs. 

We’re excited to announce the launch of our updated XM Fundamentals Certification!


What’s New in the Updated Certification?

We first published the XM Fundamentals Certification in 2021. Since then we’ve continued to work closely with organizations across the world as they build and mature their Experience Management programs.

  • Sharpened our key frameworks. Over the last few years, we’ve continued our research on XM trends and best practices, which has allowed us to provide even deeper details and advice within our core models like the XM Operating Framework. We’ve also updated some of our terminology to reflect the evolution of the XM discipline.
  • Expanded our focus on people. Experience Management is all about people. We’ve added a new module, “Understanding Human Experiences,” to underscore how important it is to understand how people actually think, feel, and act to design successful experiences that meet your organization’s goals.
  • Infused more practical advice. We’ve included assessments and activities throughout the course to help you apply the lessons directly to your organization, injected even more real-life customer and employee experience examples, and added a brand new module, “Building an XM Program Roadmap,” to help you take practical next steps and adopt what you’ve learned in your organization.

What is the XM Fundamentals Certification?

The Experience Management (XM) Fundamentals Certification is a credential that demonstrates an understanding of core XM principles. It is a training-based certification, built across five modules that cover essential topics for current and aspiring XM professionals. 

Throughout the training, you will learn:

  • How human beings actually think, feel, and behave and how to use Experience Management (XM) to drive behavior
  • What XM is and how it creates value for an organization
  • How to establish XM as a discipline in your organization
  • The core competencies and skills required to establish a successful XM program
  • How to get started by developing an XM program roadmap to meet your goals


The XM Fundamentals Certification Blueprint

At the core of the certification is the certification blueprint. This defines the five areas required to have a fundamental understanding of XM.

  • Understanding Human Experiences (20% of the exam). You will learn common characteristics of human beings, key heuristics and biases that shape how we think and act, and strategies to effectively design experiences for human beings.
  • The Value of Experience Management (20% of the exam). You will learn what Experience Management is and how it generates value for an organization.
  • The XM Operating Framework (20% of the exam). You will learn how to adopt Experience Management as a discipline using the XM Operating Framework.
  • The Six XM Competencies (30% of the exam). You will learn the core competencies and skills required to successfully build and mature an Experience Management program.
  • Building an XM Program Roadmap (10% of the exam). You will learn the steps to take to build a program roadmap, with examples for customer and employee experience programs.

Those seeking to earn the certification are required to complete all five modules and then complete a 40-question multiple-choice exam to earn the credential. You are not required to pursue the certification to take the training courses.


Who should get certified?

The XM Fundamentals Certification is a valuable credential for those currently in or seeking a role in Experience Management. The certification is designed to both teach the core concepts XM professionals need to succeed in their roles and provide a common understanding of definitions and frameworks. There are no prerequisites for the XM Fundamentals Certification.

We especially recommend the XM Fundamentals Certification for the following groups:

  • XM professionals and teams. Whether you’ve had an established XM program for years or have just been asked to look into XM last week, the XM Fundamentals Certification can help you and your team establish a common understanding of Experience Management and adopt frameworks for building a successful XM program. It is valuable for all focus areas, including customer, employee, and partner experience.
  • Employees in adjacent roles. Professionals in roles such as customer service or success or human resources are often essential to delivering an organization’s experiences. The XM Fundamentals Certification is an opportunity to develop your career and grow into a more strategic role.
  • XM advocates. We often recommend that organizations use an XM ambassadors program to help build grassroots support. These part-time members of your XM team can learn a lot from the certification, and you can use the process as part of their onboarding into the ambassadors program. The certification can be positioned as a valuable benefit for the program members.
  • Certified Qualtrics users. The XM Fundamentals Certification is a complement to the Qualtrics product certifications and is designed to help anyone interested in XM develop both strategic and technological competency to grow their careers.

How to get certified

Those seeking to earn the certification are required to complete all five modules and then complete a 40-question multiple-choice exam to earn the credential.

We’re excited to announce that the XM Fundamentals Certification will be available on two learning platforms – Qualtrics’ own XM Basecamp and now on edX, a global leader in high quality digital education!

If you’re a current Qualtrics customer, we recommend completing the certification on XM Basecamp. You can login with your Qualtrics credentials. If you’d also like to learn more about the Qualtrics platform, then you can purchase the Qualtrics Platform Essentials + XM Fundamentals Certification bundle for a discounted price. Get started on XM Basecamp.

If you’re not a Qualtrics customer, we recommend completing the certification on edX. When you create an account, you’ll also get access to their vast library of online programs. Get started on edX.


The bottom line: If you’re interested in Experience Management, get the XM Fundamentals Certification 

Maggie Wooters is a Senior Program Manager with XM Institute

Moira Dorsey, XMP is a Principal XM Catalyst