Moira Dorsey


Moira Dorsey is the Head of XM Institute. During her career as an experience management researcher, advisor, and speaker, Moira has coached scores of leaders on how to find the sweet spot where customer needs, employee experience, business goals, and operations combine to produce great experiences that drive growth. Prior to joining XM Institute, Moira was a VP at Forrester Research. As head of Forrester’s CX research and advisory practice, she developed high-performance teams and led the CX product portfolio to double-digit growth. Moira also authored and edited more than 100 reports – many of which were among the top-read by clients – on topics like the future of customer experience, measurement best practices, and the roles emerging technologies play in shaping consumer behaviors. She also led Forrester’s first client experience improvement program. A frequent speaker, she has also hosted, planned, and developed dozens of events. Moira holds a BA in Political Science from Wellesley College.