Our XM Institute team was looking forward to seeing everyone who was coming to Salt Lake City last week for Qualtrics X4 Summit. Unfortunately, that great event was postponed. So we decided to pull together an XM Fireside Chat series to share some of our thinking through an informal discussion format. I hope you enjoy it!

In this segment of XM Fireside Chat, I chat with the newest member of the XM Institute team, Benjamin Granger, Ph.D. This is a great chance for you to get to know Ben, and we also spend some time talking about XM Maturity.


Organizations don’t master XM overnight, it takes several years of evolution and change.  The XM Institute has found that this path often takes a consistent form. We’ve identified five distinct stages that organizations go through as they build XM capabilities and increase their XM maturity (see graphic below).

If you’re wondering how to gauge your organization’s XM maturity level, you can download our XM Maturity Assessment, our CX Maturity Assessment, our EX Maturity Assessment, or complete our online CX assessment.