One of the most common questions we get asked at the XM Institute is, “How can I, as an XM professional, expand XM mindsets, capabilities, and behaviors throughout my organization? 

To answer this question, we studied nearly 50 organizations that have substantially expanded or attempted to expand XM more broadly. We interviewed professionals across multiple experience areas, including employee, customer, product, and brand. We also interviewed subject matter experts, external consultants, and industry analysts for their perspectives. And we were careful to include globally representative organizations that were at different stages of expansion.

While many organizations recognize the business value of expanding XM, XM professionals face numerous obstacles when they try to do so. In our most recent research report, The XM Diffusion Cycle, we uncovered techniques that organizations use to successfully expand XM. 

Among the most successful organizations, we discovered a three-stage, repeating XM Diffusion Cycle (XMDC). The report details each of these three stages and includes specific examples from the most successful organizations. In the report, we also explain how XM professionals can orchestrate and manage XMDCs and how their scope and scale can differ as the organization progresses over time.

Here is a short, 10-minute video that describes key findings from the research.



Benjamin Granger, Ph.D., is an XM Catalyst with the Qualtrics XM Institute