The landscape within which organizations are operating is rapidly changing. Customers and employees are becoming more demanding, product life cycles are shortening and tightening, and now, a global pandemic has introduced even more uncertainty and upheaval into the market. The organizations that will survive these tectonic shifts are the ones who build strong, lasting relationships with the people who engage with them, including customers, employees, partners, and prospects. 

To forge these long-term relationships, organizations need to be capable of discovering, designing, and deploying innovative experiences that emotionally engage their audience and set them apart from their competitors. That’s what the XM Competency of Disrupt is all about. It allows brands to identify and create experiences that differentiate their organization

XM Institute’s new report, Best Practices Across the Disrupt Competency, explores how organizations can develop the skills and actions associated with the Disrupt Competency to create experiences that capture the hearts and minds of everyone who interacts with them.

Here’s a short video that highlights key findings and interesting best practices from this report:



The bottom line: Build the three XM Skills associated with the Disrupt Competency to consistently identify and create experiences that will differentiate your organization.

Isabelle Zdatny, CCXP, is an XM Catalyst with the Qualtrics XM Institute