Download Image - EX Project Evaluation Inventory

In each organization, there is an abundance of potential employee experience (EX) projects that could be implemented. Without a systematic way of documenting and assessing these possible activities, teams are likely to take a haphazard, myopic approach to employee experience improvements that dilute wider, systemic changes. An EX Program Evaluation Inventory is a standardized template that EX teams can use to capture a high-level overview of potential projects, along with some light details around how each one would be implemented. This can be used to make decisions about what EX activities to focus on and when. 

Use this template to build out an EX Program Evaluation Inventory of employee listening projects that could meet your organization’s strategic needs. We’ve included tips for each step and an example of a completed inventory to guide you through this process. This exercise is a particularly useful step as part of a prioritization exercise, roadmap building session, or strategy workshop.