Key Findings

This study examined organizations’ customer experience efforts and competencies as reported by customer experience professionals. Some highlights include:

  • CX is a top priority. Customer experience is a ‘significant’ or ‘critical priority’ for 59% of respondents’ organizations. Sixty percent said they had a senior executive in charge of CX, and 54% had a centralized CX group in place for a year or more.
  • Human-channels deliver the best experience. Respondents rated the customer experiences that their organizations delivered over the phone with an agent or in a store or branch more highly than those delivered through other channels.
  • Organizations are in early stages of CX maturity. No organization in the study reached the top stage of CX maturity. Most are either in stage one (Investigate, 52%) or stage two (Initiate, 29%). Evaluate your organization’s CX skills and competencies to find out your current performance using the Customer Experience (CX) Maturity Assessment.
  • CX leaders use more insights. CX leaders are more active users of all six listening posts we asked about, with the largest gap in journey feedback and always-on listening. CX leaders are also more likely to embrace the use of data and analytics to make key decisions.
  • CX laggards lack CX skills. CX leaders identify integration across systems and other competing priorities as their top obstacles to CX success, while CX laggards struggle the most with a lack of critical CX skills.


Here are the figures for this Data Snapshot:

  1. Time With Centralized CX Team and Leader
  2. Priority on Improving Experience
  3. Effectiveness of Customer Interaction Channels
  4. Evaluating CX Technology, Competency, and Culture
  5. Core CX Metric and Customer Listening Posts
  6. Obstacles to CX Success
  7. XM Institute CX Competency Model
  8. Most Prevalent CX Skills
  9. Least Prevalent CX Skills
  10. CX Maturity Assessment
  11. CX Competency and Maturity Assessment Results
  12. CX Maturity Score Distribution
  13. Leadership Support for CX: Leaders Versus Laggards
  14. Channel Effectiveness: Leaders Versus Laggards
  15. Core CX Metrics: Leaders Versus Laggards
  16. Usage of Listening Posts: Leaders Versus Laggards
  17. Obstacles to CX Success: Leaders Versus Laggards
  18. Company Culture: Leaders Versus Laggards
  19. Methodology