Experience Management (XM) success requires organizations to maintain an enterprise-wide focus on driving change over multiple years. This level of change is not possible without strong, persistent commitment from executives, who play an instrumental role in helping XM programs overcome the obstacles and inertia that inevitably set in during any large-scale transformation. This level of executive ambition must be combined with a systematic approach for embedding XM-centric capabilities across the business, which XM Institute calls the XM Operating Framework. To help XM professionals facilitate the leadership discussions they need to evaluate – and hopefully secure – the resources and support required to build a sustainable XM program, we have identified four drivers of XM ambition: Business Need, Value Clarity, Strategic Fit, and Executive Advocacy.

Use this XM Ambition Assessment to evaluate whether your senior leaders have the XM ambition necessary to support your XM program’s goals and activities. For more information, check out the blog post, Do Your Executives Have the Ambition Necessary For XM Success? Assess It.

Download the tool and accompanying QSF here: