Key Findings

We collected responses from XM Professionals around the world and found that:

  • XM pros are very satisfied. Eighty-four percent are extremely or somewhat satisfied with the XM profession, 68% feel the same about their compensation, and 70% about career advancement potential. XM leaders tend to be more satisfied than individual contributors.
  • Working with insights is fundamental. Almost 75% of respondents say that uncovering and distributing insights is a significant component of their roles, and it’s the area where the they feel their expertise is strongest. Their weakest area: experience design.
  • Leading change needs work. Forty-eight percent of XM leaders say that “leading multi-year transformation” is a significant component of their role, compared with 35% of individual contributors. However, both groups of XM pros selected this skill as the most important area for them to expand their personal expertise.


Here are the figures for this Snapshot:

  1. Respondent Organizations
  2. XM Experience and Education
  3. Experience Across Functional Areas
  4. Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Satisfaction with the XM Profession
  6. Appreciation and Job Searching
  7. Motivation and Enjoyment
  8. Key Components of XM Role
  9. Personal XM Experience
  10. Organization XM Maturity
  11. Valuable Resources for XM Professionals
  12. Professional Demographics: by Role
  13. Career Paths: by Role
  14. Professional Environment: by Role
  15. Motivation and Employment: by Role
  16. Components of Role: by Role
  17. Areas of Personal Growth: by Role
  18. Organization Demographics: by Satisfaction
  19. Professional Demographics: by Satisfaction
  20. Career Paths: by Satisfaction
  21. Roles and Responsibilities: by Satisfaction
  22. Professional Environment: by Satisfaction
  23. Motivation and Enjoyment: by Satisfaction
  24. Components of Role: by Satisfaction
  25. Areas of Personal Growth: by Satisfaction
  26. Personal Expertise: by Satisfaction
  27. Methodology