Key Takeaways

As part of our latest global consumer study, consumers from 24 countries told us how they expected their online activities to change in the next few months compared to the time of the survey. From our analysis, we found:

  • Expect an uptick in online activities. Across all countries, consumers believe they’ll be performing all these activities more, not less, in the next few months. ‘Taking exercise classes’ has the least online momentum, with consumers from 11 of 24 countries expecting to do this activity less.
  • Financial activities have the most online momentum. ‘Paying bills’ ranks top two in online momentum in 20 of 24 countries. ‘Review bank balances’ ranks in the top two for 13 countries; both expect a 41-percentage point increase in global online participation.
  • European countries have low online momentum. Germany, France, Belgium, the UK, and the Netherlands rank in the bottom six for online momentum; German consumers have the least online momentum, expecting a net zero change in online activity. Spain and Italy rank in the bottom half of countries. On average, these countries expect just a 9-percentage point increase in online activity.
  • Asian countries have high online momentum. 10 of the 11 Asian countries surveyed rank in the top 12 for online momentum; only Japan has lower than average online momentum (+11-percentage points). These countries expect, on average, a 37-percentage point increase in online activity in the next few months.


Here are the figures in this Data Snapshot:

  1. Online Momentum: All Activities
  2. Online Momentum: Australia
  3. Online Momentum: Belgium
  4. Online Momentum: Brazil
  5. Online Momentum: Canada
  6. Online Momentum: China
  7. Online Momentum: France
  8. Online Momentum: Germany
  9. Online Momentum: Hong Kong
  10. Online Momentum: India
  11. Online Momentum: Indonesia
  12. Online Momentum: Italy
  13. Online Momentum: Japan
  14. Online Momentum: Malaysia
  15. Online Momentum: Mexico
  16. Online Momentum: Netherlands
  17. Online Momentum: New Zealand
  18. Online Momentum: Philippines
  19. Online Momentum: Singapore
  20. Online Momentum: South Korea
  21. Online Momentum: Spain
  22. Online Momentum: Thailand
  23. Online Momentum: United Kingdom
  24. Online Momentum: United States
  25. Online Momentum: Vietnam
  26. Methodology