Key Takeaways

As part of our annual US Consumer Benchmark study, we asked a demographically representative online panel of US consumers that recently interacted with companies across 22 industries to identify up to two experiences that need to be improved. Respondents also answered the standard Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) question: How likely are you to recommend <company> to friends and colleagues? Consumers selected a response from 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (extremely likely). We then determined the NPS given by consumers that had and had not encountered experiences that need to be improved. From their answers, we learned that:

  • Consumers frequently encounter broken journeys. On average across all industries, over half of the responses identified at least one journey that needs improvement. The most broken journey occurs for TV/internet service provider customers; 27% say that ‘getting help from the customer service department’ needs improvement.
  • Broken journeys have a significant impact on NPS. Consumers who identified a journey that needed improvement provided an NPS, on average across all industries, 20 points lower than those that did not identify that broken journey.
  • Consumers find it difficult to get help from customer service. In seven of 22 industries, consumers most frequently identified ‘getting help from the customer service department’ as a journey that could use improvement. When identified as a broken journey, it had the most negative impact on NPS of all journeys in 12 of 22 industries.
  • Negative experiences with banks have the greatest impact on NPS. When a banking experience is identified as broken by a consumer, it has an average impact of -34 points to a company’s NPS, the highest of all industries. Customers that struggle to get help from a bank’s customer service department give an NPS 54 points lower than those that did not.


Here are the figures in this Data Snapshot:

  1. Journeys that Need the Most Improvement
  2. Journeys that Most Impact NPS
  3. Problematic Journeys: Airlines
  4. How Journeys Impact NPS: Airlines
  5. Problematic Journeys: Automotive
  6. How Journeys Impact NPS: Automotive
  7. Problematic Journeys: Banking
  8. How Journeys Impact NPS: Banking
  9. Problematic Journeys: Car Rental
  10. How Journeys Impact NPS: Car Rental
  11. Problematic Journeys: Computer & Tablet Makers
  12. How Journeys Impact NPS: Computer & Tablet Makers
  13. Problematic Journeys: Consumer Payment
  14. How Journeys Impact NPS: Consumer Payment
  15. Problematic Journeys: Electronics
  16. How Journeys Impact NPS: Electronics
  17. Problematic Journeys:  Fast Food
  18. How Journeys Impact NPS: Fast Food
  19. Problematic Journeys: Food Takeout & Delivery
  20. How Journeys Impact NPS: Food Takeout & Delivery
  21. Problematic Journeys: Grocery
  22. How Journeys Impact NPS: Grocery
  23. Problematic Journeys: Health Insurance
  24. How Journeys Impact NPS: Health Insurance
  25. Problematic Journeys: Hotels
  26. How Journeys Impact NPS: Hotels
  27. Problematic Journeys: Insurance
  28. How Journeys Impact NPS: Insurance
  29. Problematic Journeys: Investment Firms
  30. How Journeys Impact NPS: Investment Firms
  31. Problematic Journeys: Parcel Delivery Services
  32. How Journeys Impact NPS: Parcel Delivery Services
  33. Problematic Journeys: Retail
  34. How Journeys Impact NPS: Retail
  35. Problematic Journeys: Software
  36. How Journeys Impact NPS: Software
  37. Problematic Journeys: Social Media
  38. How Journeys Impact NPS: Social Media
  39. Problematic Journeys: Streaming Media
  40. How Journeys Impact NPS: Streaming Media
  41. Problematic Journeys: TV/Internet Service Provider
  42. How Journeys Impact NPS: TV/Internet Service Provider
  43. Problematic Journeys: Utilities
  44. How Journeys Impact NPS: Utilities
  45. Problematic Journeys: Wireless
  46. How Journeys Impact NPS: Wireless
  47. Methodology

Journeys Needing Improvement for Individual Industries

Find the U.S. Consumer Journeys Needing Improvement for each individual industry below:

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Fast Food Industry:

Food Takeout & Delivery Industry:

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Retail Industry:

Social Media Industry:

Software Industry:

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