Key Findings

We examined consumer behaviors and experiences across 18 countries and 17 industries*. Highlights from this study include:

  • Streaming media companies deliver satisfying experiences. On average streaming media companies earned the highest satisfaction ratings from consumers across all surveyed countries, with 82% of respondents who had a recent experience with a streaming company rating it a 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Hospitals and medical clinics rated highly in consumer trust. Of the 17 industries we looked at, consumers in eight countries said they were most likely to trust hospitals/medical clinics.
  • Japanese consumers are the hardest to please. On average, consumers from Japan were the least likely to say they were satisfied with recent experiences or that they would recommend or trust an organization.
  • Indian consumers were the most satisfied. Indian consumers were, on average, the most likely to report feeling satisfied by their most recent experience with an organization across most industries.

*Data is limited to industries that reached a certain threshold of responses in each country.


Here are the figures in this Data Snapshot:

  1. Consumer Satisfaction Levels Across Countries
  2. Consumer Satisfaction By Industry (Part 1)
  3. Consumer Satisfaction By Industry (Part 2)
  4. Consumer Satisfaction By Industry (Part 3)
  5. Consumer Satisfaction By Industry (part 4)
  6. Consumer Satisfaction By Industry (Part 5)
  7. Consumer Satisfaction By Industry (Part 6)
  8. Consumer Advocacy By Industry (Part 1)
  9. Consumer Advocacy By Industry (Part 2)
  10. Consumer Advocacy By Industry (Part 3)
  11. Consumer Advocacy By Industry (Part 4)
  12. Consumer Advocacy By Industry (Part 5)
  13. Consumer Advocacy By Industry (Part 6)
  14. Consumer Trust By Industry (Part 1)
  15. Consumer Trust By Industry (Part 2)
  16. Consumer Trust By Industry (Part 3)
  17. Consumer Trust By Industry (Part 4)
  18. Consumer Trust By Industry (Part 5)
  19. Consumer Trust By Industry (Part 6)
  20. Methodology