Key Findings

As part of our latest global consumer study, consumers from 24 countries rated their recent experiences with 17 industries on a satisfaction scale of 1-5 stars and told us how likely they are to trust, recommend, and purchase more after that experience. From their responses, we examined the ROI of customer experience. Our analysis found that:

  • Consumer satisfaction impacts key loyalty behaviors. Satisfaction has a very strong correlation with consumers’ likelihood to trust, recommend, and purchase more.
  • Consumer likelihood to recommend is most impacted by consumer satisfaction. Compared to after a 1-2- star experience, after a 5- star experience consumers are 3.6x more likely to recommend, 3.3x more likely to trust, and 2.6x more likely to purchase more.
  • The impact of satisfaction on loyalty metrics varies by country. Chinese consumers’ likelihood to trust, recommend, and purchase more increases the least (1.7x) after a 5- star satisfying experience compared to after an unsatisfying experience. Comparatively, Germans’ likelihood to recommend increases by 6.3x, Spaniards’ likelihood to trust increases by 5.2x, and Italians’ likelihood to purchase more increases by 3.6x.
  • Unsatisfying experiences impact government agencies’ loyalty metrics the most. Across all industries, consumers are least likely to trust, recommend, and purchase more from a government agency after a 1-2- star experience. Consumers that had an unsatisfying experience with a supermarket are most likely to recommend and purchase more.
  • Banks struggle the most with loyalty after satisfying experiences. After 3-5- star experiences, banking consumers are least likely to recommend and purchase more from banks. Just 64% of banking consumers expect to purchase more after a 5- star experience, compared to 86% of online retail customers.


Here are the figures in this Data Snapshot:

  1. ROI: CX Correlates with Trust
  2. ROI: CX Correlates with Recommending
  3. ROI: CX Correlates with Purchasing More
  4. CX and Loyalty Connections – Overall
  5. CX and Trust Connections – by Industry
  6. CX and Recommend Connections – by Industry
  7. CX and Purchase More Connections – by Industry
  8. CX and Loyalty Connections– Airlines
  9. CX and Loyalty Connections– Banks
  10. CX and Loyalty Connections – College / University
  11. CX and Loyalty Connections – Credit Card Providers
  12. CX and Loyalty Connections – Department Stores
  13. CX and Loyalty Connections – Fast Food
  14. CX and Loyalty Connections – Government Agency
  15. CX and Loyalty Connections – Health Insurance
  16. CX and Loyalty Connections – Hospital / Medical Clinic
  17. CX and Loyalty Connections – Internet Service Provider
  18. CX and Loyalty Connections – Mobile Phone Providers
  19. CX and Loyalty Connections – Online Retailer
  20. CX and Loyalty Connections – Parcel Delivery
  21. CX and Loyalty Connections – Property Insurance
  22. CX and Loyalty Connections – Public Utilities
  23. CX and Loyalty Connections – Streaming
  24. CX and Loyalty Connections – Supermarkets
  25. CX and Trust Connections – by Country
  26. CX and Recommend Connections – by Country
  27.  CX and Purchase More Connections – by Country
  28. Methodology


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