Key Takeaways

As part of our latest global consumer study of 24,000 consumers from 24 countries, respondents told us how they expected their online activities to change in the next few months compared to the time of the survey. From our analysis, we found that:

  • Globally, online activity will increase. There is positive online momentum for all activities globally, from a high of 41-percentage points for paying bills and reviewing bank accounts to a low of 5-percentage points for taking online exercise classes.
  • Vietnamese consumers expect to increase online activity significantly. Vietnamese consumers have the most online momentum for 11 of the 13 activities surveyed. Indian consumers have the most online momentum for the remaining two activities.
  • Germany has low online momentum. German consumers have the least online momentum for five of the 13  activities surveyed, and an average momentum across all activities of 0%. French, Canadian, and Japanese consumers have the least online momentum for two activities each.
  • Financial activities have high online momentum. Globally, consumers expect to each pay bills and check their banks account balances online 41-percentage points more in the next few months. The activity with the next highest online momentum is watching TV and movies online, with an expected increase of 38-percentage points.


Here are the figures in this data snapshot:

  1. Online Momentum: Average Across Activities
  2. Online Momentum: Average Across Countries
  3. Online Momentum: Educational Courses
  4. Online Momentum: Medical Advice
  5. Online Momentum: Exercise Classes
  6. Online Momentum: Purchasing Clothes
  7. Online Momentum: Purchasing Electronics
  8. Online Momentum: Paying Bills
  9. Online Momentum: Bank Accounts
  10. Online Momentum: Sending Money
  11. Online Momentum: Meal Delivery
  12. Online Momentum: Videoconferencing
  13. Online Momentum: Technical Support
  14. Online Momentum: Issues with Bills
  15. Online Momentum: TV and Movies
  16. Methodology