Key Findings

As part of Qualtrics XM Institute’s 2023 Global Consumer Study, we asked 28,600 consumers if they had a choice of companies to buy from, which two options they would choose of five: one that (1) offers very good products/services, (2) offers very good customer support, (3) offers low prices, (4) does good things for society, or (5) has an easy-to-use website/mobile app. From our analysis, we learned that:

  • Consumers prioritize product quality. In all countries, when given a choice, consumers have the strongest preference to buy from companies that have good products/services. This preference is strongest amongst Japanese consumers and weakest for New Zealanders.
  • Consumers want to be treated well. Good customer service support is the second-strongest global priority. High-income consumers have the highest propensity to buy from a company with good customer service, while low-income consumers have the lowest.
  • Younger consumers care about easy digital experiences. Consumers under the age of 35 are more likely to buy from companies with an easy-to-use website/mobile app compared to their older peers. Young people are more likely to prioritize digital ease over a company that does good things for society.
  • Societal good ranges in importance. Globally, consumers are least likely to prioritize buying from a company that does good things for society. Canadians are least likely to buy with consideration for societal good, while Emirati consumers are most likely to do so.


Here are the figures in this Data Snapshot:

  1. Company Choice: by Age
  2. Company Choice: by Country (Part 1)
  3. Company Choice: by Country (Part 2)
  4. Company Choice: Argentina
  5. Company Choice: Australia
  6. Company Choice: Brazil
  7. Company Choice: Canada
  8. Company Choice: Colombia
  9. Company Choice: China
  10. Company Choice: Finland
  11. Company Choice: France
  12. Company Choice: Germany
  13. Company Choice: Hong Kong
  14. Company Choice: India
  15. Company Choice: Indonesia
  16. Company Choice: Italy
  17. Company Choice: Japan
  18. Company Choice: Mexico
  19. Company Choice: Netherlands
  20. Company Choice: New Zealand
  21. Company Choice: Philippines
  22. Company Choice: Singapore
  23. Company Choice: South Korea
  24. Company Choice: Spain
  25. Company Choice: Sweden
  26. Company Choice: Thailand
  27. Company Choice: United Arab Emirates
  28. Company Choice: United Kingdom
  29. Company Choice: United States
  30. Methodology