Key Findings

To understand overall loyalty, we created a loyalty index, which is the average of consumer likelihood to trust, recommend, and purchase more from an organization in one of 17 industries. Based on this analysis, we found that:

  • Supermarkets have the most loyalty. Supermarkets earned the highest level of repurchase loyalty, and the highest overall loyalty index of 78%. Streaming media services earned the highest level of recommendations, and hospitals/clinics earned the highest levels of trust.
  • Government agencies have the least loyalty. Across all three measurements, consumers are least loyal to government agencies, resulting in a loyalty index of 61%. Internet service providers and mobile service providers had the next lowest loyalty indexes, 67%.
  • India and Japan report the highest and lowest loyalty. Across all three areas, Indian consumers showed the highest levels of loyalty, while Japanese consumers showed the lowest. Their loyalty indexes are 40-points apart, 85% to 45%.
  • The lowest level of loyalty is 25%. The lowest areas of loyalty are government agencies in Japan and public utilities in Germany, where only 25% of consumers reported strong loyalty.
  • The highest level of loyalty is 93%. The highest area of loyalty is property insurance in Indonesia, where 93% of consumers reported strong loyalty. The next highest level of loyalty is 92% for colleges/universities in Hong Kong.


Here are the figures for this Data Snapshot:

  1. Global Consumer Loyalty by Industry
  2. Global Consumer Loyalty by Country
  3. Consumer Loyalty: Australia
  4. Consumer Loyalty: Brazil
  5. Consumer Loyalty: Canada
  6. Consumer Loyalty: France
  7. Consumer Loyalty: Germany
  8. Consumer Loyalty: Hong Kong
  9. Consumer Loyalty: India
  10. Consumer Loyalty: Indonesia
  11. Consumer Loyalty: Japan
  12. Consumer Loyalty: Malaysia
  13. Consumer Loyalty: Mexico
  14. Consumer Loyalty: Philippines
  15. Consumer Loyalty: Singapore
  16. Consumer Loyalty: South Korea
  17. Consumer Loyalty: Spain
  18. Consumer Loyalty: Thailand
  19. Consumer Loyalty: UK
  20. Consumer Loyalty: U.S.
  21. Methodology


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