Key Findings

As part of Qualtrics’ and Qualtrics XM Institute’s Global Employee and Global Consumer Studies, we asked respondents a series of questions to understand their attitudes toward artificial intelligence (AI). These questions explored their concerns about AI as well as their comfort using the technology to complete common consumer and employee activities. We used their responses to gauge the global appetite for artificial intelligence. We learned that:

  • Consumers in most countries think AI will have a positive impact on society. Consumers in 20 of 26 countries think AI will positively affect society. Consumers are most optimistic in UAE, India, and Singapore with a net positive view of +57, +52, and +52, respectively. Meanwhile, 6 countries have a net negative view of AI, with the most negative outlook projected in Canada (-20), the UK (-16), and the US (-12).
  • Consumers are most concerned about the lack of a human being to connect with. On average, 48% of consumers are highly concerned about the lack of a human being to connect with if companies use AI to automate their interactions with customers. They are also highly concerned about the poor quality of interactions and loss of jobs for employees, with 45% of respondents citing each as a concern. 
  • There is no one-size-fits-all approach to AI. Consumers from different countries expressed substantially different levels of comfort using AI to complete common tasks, with gaps up to 59 percentage points depending on the activity. Employees’ interest in using AI to accomplish tasks also diverges widely across countries, differing by up to 48 percentage points.
  • Appetite for AI support varies. Consumers feel most comfortable using AI to check the status of an order (73%), a relatively light-touch task, compared to just 45% who are comfortable using AI to get advice about a medical problem. Meanwhile 61% of employees want AI help with writing tasks, and only 29% would be interviewed for a new job/promotion by [an] AI bot.


Here are the figures in this Data Snapshot:

  1. Societal Impact of AI
  2. Concern with Companies AI Usage 
  3. Consumer Concerns with AI
  4. Consumer AI Concerns: Human Connection
  5. Consumer AI Concerns: Interaction Quality
  6. Consumer AI Concerns: Job Loss
  7. Consumer AI Concerns: Misuse of Data
  8. Consumer AI Concerns: Effort Required
  9. Consumer AI Concerns: Trust
  10. Consumer Comfort with AI: by Activity
  11. Consumer Comfort with AI: Overall
  12. Consumer Comfort with AI: Order Status
  13. Consumer Comfort with AI: Tech Support
  14. Consumer Comfort with AI: Booking a Plane Ticket
  15. Consumer Comfort with AI: Billing Issues
  16. Consumer Comfort with AI: Medical Advice
  17. Employee Desire for AI: by Activity
  18. Employee Desire for AI: Writing Tasks
  19. Employee Desire for AI: Personal Assistant
  20. Employee Desire for AI: Contacting Internal Support
  21. Employee Desire for AI: Coaching for Growth
  22. Employee Desire for AI: Formal Education
  23. Employee Desire for AI: Performance Appraisal
  24. Employee Desire for AI: Job Interview
  25. Methodology