Key Takeaways

We asked about seven potential areas of improvement for organizations: their process of buying goods and services, capabilities of their products and services, ease of use of their products and services, prices and fees, customer service support, communications they send, and online resources they provide. From our analysis, we found that:

  • Prices and fees need the most improvement. On average across all industries, 50% of all consumers say that prices and fees need to be improved, the highest of all potential areas of improvement. The only industry not to have this as one of its top two areas of improvement is government agencies. At a country level, the need to improve prices and fees ranges from a high of 65% in Indonesia and Brazil, down to a low of 36% in UK.
  • Customer service needs improvement. Across all industries, 43% of consumers believe that customer service support needs major improvement, the second highest area. The need for improvement is most acute for the airline and mobile phone industries, each with 50% of customers seeing room for improvement. At a country level, the need to improve customer service ranges from a high of 63% in Philippines, down to a low of 22% in Japan.
  • The buying process and communications have the least problems. Nine of 17 industries have the lowest percentage of consumers seeing a need for improvement in the process for buying goods and services. Communications had the lowest need for improvement in seven of 17 industries.


  1. CX Improvements: Global
  2. CX Improvements: Average by Country
  3. CX Improvements: Australia
  4. CX Improvements: Belgium
  5. CX Improvements: Brazil
  6. CX Improvements: Canada
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  10. CX Improvements: Hong Kong
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  12. CX Improvements: Indonesia
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