Key Findings

As part of our study of experience management (XM) professionals, we asked 171 professionals about the current state of XM inside their organization, anticipated areas of XM investment, 2023 employee and customer experience priorities, and expected future usage of XM technologies. From our analysis, we found that:

  • Most organizations are in the early stages of XM maturity. Forty-one percent of experience management professionals said their organization is in one of the first two levels of XM maturity: Investigate and Initiate. Another 36% of XM professionals report that their organization has reached the third level of maturity, Mobilize.
  • XM professionals recognize the importance of improving empathy. Seventy-two percent of respondents say that it is ’important’ or ‘very important’ for their organization to improve its overall level of empathy. Meanwhile, 43% of these XM professionals classify the level of empathy their organization shows customers as ‘strong,’ but just 38% say the same about their organization’s empathy toward employees.
  • Half of organizations expect to increase focus on DEI. Fifty-one percent of respondents think their organization will focus more on measuring and improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in 2023. Forty-nine percent also expect their organization to focus on measuring and improving employee journeys, like onboarding and training.
  • Companies with a strong CX focus are investing in experience management. Compared to those who are not focusing on CX this year, respondents who expect their organization to focus on customer experience more in 2023 also expect their company to invest more in experience management resources, such as full-time XM employees and XM training, and nearly all experience management technologies.


Here are the figures in this data snapshot:

  1. Respondent Organizations
  2. Organization XM Maturity
  3. Empathy toward Customers and Employees
  4. Importance of Improving Empathy
  5. Previous Change in Focus on XM Areas
  6. Future Change in Focus on XM Areas
  7. 2023 Experience Management Resource Investment
  8. 2023 Customer Experience Focus
  9. 2023 Employee Experience Focus
  10. Technologies Usage (Part 1)
  11. Technologies Usage (Part 2)
  12. Combining Operational and Experience Data
  13. Change in XM Focus by Business Results
  14. Empathy Importance by Business Results
  15. 2023 XM Resource Investment by Future CX Focus
  16. 2023 CX Emphasis by Future CX Focus
  17. 2023 EX Emphasis by Future CX Focus
  18. Technologies Usage by Future CX Focus (Part 1)
  19. Technologies Usage by Future CX Focus (Part 2)
  20. Methodology