Customers often share their thoughts and feelings during contact center interactions, making these conversations a goldmine of rich insights. Today, however, these insights go largely untapped. Most organizations analyze only a fraction of these interactions, like survey responses from a subset of customers, summaries provided by rushed agents, or a handful of contacts reviewed by a quality team.

Conversational analytics is shifting this paradigm. Conversational analytics uses natural language processing to identify the topics and sentiment of every interaction directly, without the need for any human intervention. Organizations can combine this experience data (X-data) with operational data (O-data) about customers, agents, and interactions to unlock an ongoing flow of rich insights that will transform how they operate and learn from their contact centers.

Watch this video to learn more about conversational analytics and four of the revolutionary practices it will enable: hyper-targeted coaching, real-time customer experience tracking, proactive customer recovery, and active compliance monitoring. If you like the content of this video and would like to learn more about conversational analytics, check out our blog post, Conversational Analytics Are Transforming Contact Centers.