XM Institute is the leading resource for insights and guidance around Experience Management (XM). We conduct ongoing research to uncover leading-edge best practices and trends, which we then share through our:

  • Thought-Leadership Content. Visit our extensive XM Library to find resources to help you build and advance your XM program. Content includes research reports, the Experience Matters blog, practical tools, consumable videos, and Launchpads, which are a perfect place to start learning about foundational XM topics.
  • Community. Join the XM Professionals Network (XMPN) to connect with and learn from your peers as well as XM Institute faculty. Members enjoy exclusive access to insights, networking, and interactive events.
  • Training. Build your XM skills and knowledge with our curriculum of free, self-paced online training courses, which are specifically designed for XM program leaders. 
  • XM Professional (XMP) Certification. Demonstrate your mastery of XM with the XMP Certification – a credential that recognizes an individual’s professional experience and expertise in the discipline of Experience Management.

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