As part of our annual U.S. consumer benchmark study, we asked respondents to evaluate companies across the three components of customer experience: success, effort, and emotion. We calculated the XMI Customer Ratings – Overall score for each company by averaging the scores companies received across those three components. Industry scores are an average of those company scores.  

We found that grocery stores received the highest XMI Customer Rating – Overall scores, at an industry average of 70%, while federal agencies received the lowest scores, with an industry average of just 37%. Use these insights to understand where your organization’s customer experience ranks both within your industry and across industries.

This U.S. consumer benchmark study surveyed 9,056 consumers across 367 companies and 23 industries on success, effort, and emotion. To see how industries’ performance in 2021 compares to their scores in 2020, check out last year’s version of the data snippet: ​​XMI Customer Ratings – Overall Scores, 2020 (by Industry)

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