Human beings are naturally emotional, which means that every interaction someone has with an organization will inevitably make them feel a certain way… whether the company intended them to feel that way or not. And how a customer feels about an interaction with an organization will have the most significant impact on their loyalty to that business.

However, despite the importance of customer emotions, they are all too often neglected (or outright ignored) inside of companies. To help organizations begin discussing emotions, we created the Five A’s of an Emotional Response, which represents a spectrum of responses that customers will have every time they interact with your organization, ranging from Angry to Adoring.

Watch this short video to learn how customer emotions influence their experiences with an organization and how you can begin discussing emotions inside your company. If you enjoyed the content of this video and would like to learn more about human behavior and how it affects various aspects of Experience Management, check out our Launchpad on Understanding Human Behavior.

This video was originally published by Temkin Group prior to its acquisition by Qualtrics in October 2018.

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