One of the universal challenges XM professionals face is strategically expanding XM mindsets, capabilities, and behaviors to new areas of the business. In most cases, the discipline of XM is still practiced only within isolated teams. However, XM Institute research shows that organizations that expand XM to multiple experience areas (e.g., employee experience and customer experience) and align their efforts across the business perform better across multiple key performance indicators. To help XM teams strategically expand their XM capabilities, XM Institute has identified a three-phased, repeating cycle of activity, known as The XM Diffusion Cycle (XMDC).

In this video, Benjamin Granger, Ph.D. of the Qualtrics XM Institute provides a brief overview of the research on the XMDC and interviews David Landman, Ph.D. about how Goldman Sachs applies the XMDC to strategically expand its EX-focus across the firm.

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