Historically, most organizations have optimized for stability by minimizing risks from operational deviations. While this may work in more static environments, in times of significant change – like the ones we’ve experienced over the last few years – organizations must instead build the capabilities to quickly and dynamically respond to these market shifts. That’s where Experience Management (XM) comes in. XM is a key foundation for this agility as it enables an organization to continuously learn what customers and employees are thinking and feeling, propagate those insights across the business, and then rapidly adapt based on those insights.

Watch this video to learn about the four XM-driven agility practices organizations should build to help them succeed in uncertain times: Scenario Modeling, Signal Sensing, Experience Disrupting, and Employee Enabling. If you like the content of this video and want to learn more about using XM to develop organizational agility, check out our blog post, Introducing 2022, The Year of Agility.