Key Findings

We examined the employee experience (EX) management behaviors and practices of HR leaders from 8 different countries. Highlights from this study include:

  • EX management is critical. Thirty-nine percent of HR leaders described EX as a ‘critical’ area of focus, while 46% have both ‘significant’ and ‘centralized’ EX efforts.
  • Executive support for EX varies. There is a 28 percentage-point gap between the top and bottom-performing countries when it comes to both senior leaders’ support for EX and how highly they prioritize acting on employee feedback.
  • Overall, France reports the highest EX capabilities. France reported the highest ratings for EX technology and culture, while Canada reported the highest for skills and competencies.
  • Australian and French use insights to make ongoing improvements. Australian and French HR leaders reported make ongoing improvements to operational processes based on employee experience insights at the highest rates.
  • ‘Technology limitations’ and ‘internal conflict’ are the top obstacles to EX success. More than a third of respondents cited ‘Technology limitations’ and ‘internal conflict’ as significant obstacles to their EX management efforts.


  1. Organizational Focus on Employee Experience
  2. Description of EX Efforts
  3. Executive Prioritization of EX
  4. EX Management Capabilities Self-Evaluation
  5. EX Management Technology Self-Evaluation
  6. EX Management Competencies Self-Evaluation
  7. EX Management Culture Self-Evaluation
  8. Frequency of Employee Engagement Measurement
  9. Prioritization of Acting on Employee Feedback
  10. Organizations that Frequently Generate and Act on Insights, by Country
  11. Top EX Management Obstacles Overall
  12. Top EX Management Obstacles by Country
  13. Methodology