Organizations that want to drive sustainable Experience Management (XM) improvements need to have senior executives who are committed to propelling change throughout the entire journey. However, XM leaders and their teams often struggle to obtain the commitment and involvement necessary from senior executives to ensure these transformation efforts succeed. We have created a blueprint organizations can follow to secure and strengthen commitment from your senior executives. This blueprint is composed of six levers: Create Vision Clarity, Share Compelling Opportunities, Amplify Emotional Empathy, Feed Intrinsic Motivations, Enable First Steps, and Fuel Ongoing Confidence.

Download this infographic for an overview of these six levers. For additional inspiration and examples of how to use these levers to engage executives, read the report, Activating Executive Commitment. To assess the commitment stage of your senior executives and develop strategies for using the levers to engage those executives, download the tool, Executives’ Commitment to XM: Assessment.

This infographic was originally published by Temkin Group prior to its acquisition by Qualtrics in October 2018.

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