The XM Professionals Network (XMPN) of the XM Institute is a global, free community for XM Professionals who want to learn, connect, and advance their careers and the XM profession at large.

Join us October 19th to 23rd for a series of XMPN events, both live and pre-recorded, to celebrate our community and the XM profession.

XM Victories

Date: October 19th to 23rd

XM Victories celebrate the small, inventive, and creative changes to XM strategy that yield positive results. Celebrate your XM Victories by sharing a change you’ve made to your XM Program that had a great impact! 

Submit your XM Victory to be featured in the XMPN Online Forum and on social media.

Humans of XMPN

Date: October 19th to 23rd

The foundation of every community is its people, so let’s get to know some of the XM Professionals who make up ours!

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Virtual Meetup: Combining CX and EX in Experience Management

Date: October 22, 2020, at 11am EST

If you want to raise the bar on customer experience, look no further than your employees. When utilized in the right way, they’re one of the most effective levers any organization has.

Join XM Institute Catalysts Aimee Lucas, CCXP and Benjamin Granger, Ph.D. for our monthly, interactive XM Professionals Network Virtual Meetup to discuss the benefits of a CX + EX approach and highlight specific opportunities to bring together insights to strengthen your XM program.

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