As part of our annual U.S. consumer benchmark study, we asked respondents to rate how well organizations within different industries are able to understand and adapt to their needs and how well their primary employer is able to understand and adapt to their needs. In our annual Global Executives study, we asked U.S. executives to rate how effectively their company uses customer insights to improve customer experiences as well as how effectively they use employee insights to improve their employees’ work experiences. 

We found that just 58% of employees consider their employer ‘good’ at understanding and adapting to their needs, while 87% of executives believe their company is ‘effective’ at using employee insights to make improvements to the employee experience – a 29 percentage-point perception gap between employees and employers. We found a similarly large gap (31 points) between consumer and executive perception of how well organizations use customer feedback to improve experiences. 

This 2021 U.S. consumer benchmark study surveyed 9,055 US consumers, and this Global Executives Study surveyed 157 executives at companies headquartered in the United States. 

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