As part of our annual CX Practitioners Survey, we asked customer experience practitioners whose organizations’ customers are either primarily businesses or equally businesses and consumers to complete XM Institute’s Customer Experience Maturity: Assessment. To develop this data snippet, we calculated the maturity stage for each of these B2B organizations and determined the percentage of organizations that fell into each maturity stage.

We found that most B2B companies remain in the second stage of maturity, Initiate. Organizations in this stage have started to recognize the potential value in CX and, consequently, have isolated pockets of CX activities. Just two percent of companies have reached the highest stage of CX maturity, Embed, where customer experience is ingrained across the organization and is integral to its culture and operating processes.

Take the CX maturity assessment to determine your firm’s maturity stage, and use this data snippet to see how your results compare to other organizations’. Follow the guidance and activities included in the assessment to evolve your program to the next stage of CX maturity.

The XM Institute 2022 Q2 CX Practitioner study surveyed 86 B2B and B2B&C CX practitioners from companies with 1,000 or more employees. To further understand the XM Maturity stages and steps to advance to the next stage, check out our launchpad on Maturing Your XM Program. To learn more about customer experience management at all types of organizations, read our data snapshot, The State of Customer Experience Management, 2022

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