When we launched the XM Institute website at the beginning of July, we had one objective in mind: create the single most valuable resource for XM professionals anywhere in the world. 

To fulfill this vision, we didn’t just port over our previously published content – like research reports and blog posts. Instead, we reimagined our existing content and created entirely new types of resources – like Launchpads and Data Snippets. So to help you navigate through all the different types of resources that are now available on our site, I’ve provided a brief description of each one below. And to make it even easier for you to start exploring our content, I’ve highlighted both the most popular resource within each category as well as my own personal favorites.




Don’t know where to begin learning about foundational XM topics? Check out our Launchpads! Launchpads are a unique type of resource that provide a clear starting point to learn about core XM topics – from the fundamentals of CX or EX to building a metrics program to cultivating an XM-centric culture. Each Launchpad begins with a short explainer video and then dives into an overview of the topic, offers some concrete tips for taking action, and finally lists key resources you can tap into to expand your knowledge in the given area. 

  • The People’s Pick: Which of our Launchpads is most popular? Well… we actually have two jockeying for first place right now: Introduction to Experience Management and The XM Operating Framework.
  • Isabelle’s Pick: Sometimes we as XM professionals get so caught up in the technology and data that we forget a simple truth – XM is all about people. I love the Understanding Human Behavior Launchpad because it focuses on how you can create experiences that actually reflect how people think and behave (which is not always rationally!).

Research Reports

Research is the engine that drives XM Institute’s thought leadership. We conduct both primary research with organizations as well as our own annual benchmark and data studies. Our research reports are where we showcase our findings from these studies, providing detailed explanations and guidance to help organizations drive value from their XM efforts. 

Experience Matters Blog

Our site is also home to the Experience Matters blog, which Bruce Temkin started all the way back in 2007. Each week we publish several short, accessible articles written by our XM Catalysts on timely and interesting XM topics. These topics can range anywhere from common CX myths to managing the work-from-home experience to the analytical tools XM professionals need to know. It has even been known to stray into areas like leadership principles around diversity and inclusion and the political leanings of fans from different sports leagues.

  • The People’s Pick: Our most popular blog post this quarter was NPS Collapses During the Pandemic, which looks at the toll the pandemic has taken on the NPS of over 300 companies across 20 industries.
  • Isabelle’s Pick: We published a lot of great stuff this quarter, but I particularly love the post on modernizing your XM efforts as it describes four areas XM professionals need to focus on to move from an outdated XM approach to a modern XM approach.


We have also developed a range of simple, practical tools XM professionals can use to evaluate and expand their XM efforts. These tools – which include assessments and worksheets – are designed to help you take our high-level concepts or frameworks and translate them into tactical actions you can take to improve key elements of your XM program. 

  • The People’s Pick: Our maturity assessments – including CX, EX, Digital CX, and XM – are all incredibly popular. Not only do these assessments allow you to diagnose which maturity stage your organization is currently in, but they also provide specific recommendations across the Six XM Competencies on how to advance your program to the next level.
  • Isabelle’s Pick: We get a lot of questions like, “What does a good XM governance structure look like?” While the exact structure will vary, it’s almost always going to include a strong core XM team. I would even hazard a guess that many of you sit on this type of team! So one of the tools I frequently point people to is on the Responsibilities of a Core CX, EX, or XM Team, which details the activities these centralized teams should be owning and managing.


The XM Library also houses multimedia resources, which include both webinars – where our XM Catalysts offer guidance on a certain topic – and highly consumable, fun videos that explain foundational XM concepts. These videos are particularly good for sharing around, especially with people who are not yet familiar with XM and may not be inclined to read long explanations.

  • The People’s Pick: Unsurprisingly perhaps, our most popular video since launch has been What is Experience Management? I highly suggest sharing this one with anyone who’s still a little fuzzy on what XM is all about.
  • Isabelle’s Pick: Call it recency bias, but I am super excited about our newest video: The Power of X- and O-Data. This is a topic we get questions on constantly, and now we have an engaging two-minute video that sums it all up!

Data Snippets 

Data Snippets are also a new type of resource which contain charts and graphs depicting important findings from our benchmark studies. While these Snippets may be useful in a variety of situations, we designed them to be particularly easy to download and plug into your presentations to help you communicate key information around Experience Management. 

Hopefully this run-down gave you some ideas on how you can use all the different types of resources available on the site. In addition to this content, you can also access our recently launched online training curriculum and find out about our upcoming XM Professional Certification. The site is also a great place to connect with your fellow XM professionals, whether that’s by participating in our online discussion forum or attending our (currently virtual) community events.

So how exactly is a person supposed to stay up to date on our new content and important updates? By signing up for our monthly XM Journal. The XM Journal is a free newsletter that sends a carefully curated selection of our thought leadership, resources, and upcoming events straight to your inbox at the beginning of each month. It makes it easy to keep up with what’s happening here at xminstitute.com.


The bottom line: Make the XM Institute site your go-to XM resource.

Isabelle Zdatny is an XM Catalyst with the Qualtrics XM Institute.