Whenever we discuss Net Promoter® Score, we get a bifurcated set of reactions. Some people love NPS® and others hate it. So we decided to more quantitatively gauge the sentiment.

In a recent study, Temkin Group asked more than 300 CX professionals to share their thoughts about NPS. As you can see below:

  • Most aren’t impressed. Over half of respondents say that NPS is either just like or worse than other metrics.
  • Many are avid fans. More than four out of ten respondents think that NPS is a better metric than most others. What’s most interesting about this group is that an overwhelming majority of them don’t just think that NPS is good, but they think it’s great.

What’s my opinion? NPS is not a panacea or the ultimate question, but it can be a fine metric if deployed in the right situations and used in the right ways. Read our recent report on how to build a successful CX metrics program.

The bottom line: Focus less on the CX metric and more on the overall program.

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This blog post was originally published by Temkin Group prior to its acquisition by Qualtrics in October 2018.