Last year Temkin Group labelled 2018, The Year of Humanity. With all of the discord and tension throughout the world, it seemed like a good time to promote the following mindset:

  • Embrace diversity. Recognize our differences and find ways to treat people as individuals.
  • Extend compassion. Tune into the condition of the people around us and care about their well-being.
  • Express appreciation. Proactively look for and acknowledge the positive aspects of the world around us.

The focus on humanity seemed to resonate with a lot of people. Rather than moving on to another theme for the upcoming year, we’ve decided to double down on this critical topic and also make 2019,The Year of Humanity.”

I’ll be posting more on this topic. Here are some highlights from our existing humanity content:

As part of this year’s focus on humanity, I’ll also be supporting the 5 For The Fight, a non-profit organization that supports cancer research. When we were considering joining forces with Qualtrics, the company’s support of this great charity was one of the deciding factors in our decision. Feel free to join us in this great cause.

The bottom line: Let’s collectively improve humanity in 2019!

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