Any company can improve portions of its customer experience, but it takes more than a few superficial changes to create lasting differentiation. So, what are the ingredients for long-term success?

A holistic approach built around four customer experience competencies:

  1. Purposeful Leadership: Executives operate consistently with a clear set of values.
  2. Employee Engagement: Employees are aligned with the goals of  the organization.
  3. Compelling Brand Values: Brand attributes drive how customers are treated.
  4. Customer-Connectedness: Customer insight is integrated throughout the organization.

As companies master these four competencies, they evolve into a “Customer-Centric Organization,” which I define as:

An organization that continuously aligns its resources with customer needs

This overall concept and each of the four competencies will be major themes for my research — and this blog. My goal is to help companies accelerate their path to becoming Customer-Centric Organizations.

The bottom line: Are you leading a Customer-Centric Organization?

This blog post was originally published by Temkin Group prior to its acquisition by Qualtrics in October 2018.